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Maria Coto // Guatemala 2018 //

:: Buy A ticket ::

Throughout the month Dawn Treader will host live music events accompanied by craft coffee with the purpose of unifying our community under one mission; to defend the rights of orphans and widows. Simply put, every ticket counts // Every time a ticket is purchased, a life is transformed. Dawn Treader uses a combination of both ticket and merchandise sales to build homes for women and children, more specifically orphans and widows.

:: Change a life ::

Dawn Treader is a 501c(3) non-profit. It has been said “sad to say alone I could barely light a match but together we can burn this place down”. For this reason Dawn Treader has partnered with multiple non profits to provide safety for women and children both domestically and overseas. Whether you are a business owner or bystander, partner with us by donating as little as a dollar a day to make a difference in the lives of the helpless!


:: Get Booked ::

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing better than lighting up the stage with music that turns heads and breaks barriers. We want to provide the platform for you to do just that. Click the link below to inquire about performing at future events.

:: Party time ::

While our performers steal the show, it takes a village to put the party together. We are always accepting applications for volunteer service and potential careers here at Dawn Treader. We’re looking for revelers with a shared passion and drive to defend the rights of orphans and widows.